Hey Y'all! (Yes, "Y'all"; I'm from the Midwest)

My name is LaWanna and I am the Founder, Navigational Maestro at Purpose Prep, LLC.

I use my professional experience and education to help people reduce business burnout and increase client retention.

Frustrated entrepreneurs work with me to reduce burnout and increase client retention through both back-end and front-end support.

Part-Time Business Owners & Multipreneurs receive assistance in designing effective systems to reduce burnout by creating a more efficient business.

My diverse background of work, education and training has given me the ability to see the details that others do not. I'm the person people call when they're feeling frazzled and need to razzle.

However, I could show you better than I could tell you. You need to see if I can actually cross that t ;-)

LaWanna Summers, M.Ed.

Founder | Navigational Maestro