Hey Y'all! (Yes, "Y'all"; I'm from the Midwest)

My name is LaWanna and I am the Founder, Confidence Coach and Lead Business Strategist at Purpose Prep, LLC.

I use my Higher Education and Managerial experience to help people reduce burnout and prevent buyer's remorse.

Frustrated professionals work with me to reduce burnout and buyer's remorse through career check-ups, exit & promotion planning.

Part-Time Business Owners & Multipreneurs receive assistance in designing effective systems to reduce burnout by creating a more efficient business.

My diverse background of work, education and training has given me the ability to see the details that others do not. To date I have successfully helped well over a few thousand in their professional pursuits. I do this by keeping it real, and walking the talk.

When I'm not molding minds and moguls I am binging out on Netflix, traveling, cooking something from scratch or hugging on my boys.

LaWanna Summers, M.Ed. for Purpose Prep, LLC

LaWanna Summers, M.Ed.

Founder | Confidence Coach | Business Strategist